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macosx-port-dev --[ARCHIVED] Technical discussion about the Mac OS X Port Project About macosx-port-dev English (USA) This list is no longer active. Send mail to porters-dev for general porting concerns.


after the Xcode package is installed from the Apple Store. I ran into this problem yesterday when I was installing the latest (April 14, 2021) macosxarm64 version on a newly purchased Silicon iMac running Big Sur Version 11.4. The xcode-select --install command should download another package from the Apple Store, taking about 8 minutes to complete.

I am building a script from the command line in MacOS Ventura 13.0.1 Using Apple Swift version 5.7.1 and want to copy / move / link the resulting executable so I used swift's --show-bin-path option which says /Users/iainhouston/Projects/swift-count/.build/arm64-apple-macosx/release whereas swift has actually built it into /Users/iainhouston/Projects/swift-count/.build/x86_64-apple-macosx/release.Is this a bug or do I have to say something special in my Package.swift?

Currently the sigrok-util script expects to see qt version 5.5, which has been removed from main homebrew repository as of 2018-10-01. See Bug #1304. You can edit the sigrok-native-macosx script to use a different qt version. qt versions >5.9.3 might be affected by widget repaint issues, see bug 1305

While it shouldn't be too much work to adapt the sigrok-native-macosx script to also work for MacPorts, this is currently not recommended or supported. Patches to support both Homebrew and MacPorts in that script are welcome, though.

While this is technically possible if you know what you're doing, we don't recommend or support it. It's a lot easier to use the provided DMG files or build using the sigrok-native-macosx script (see above).

There are a couple different parts to copy. Plus, the GRASS startup script needs one change (this is done by the additions to bundle.make). In bundle.make, first, add this before the bundle-macosx: line (change the wx version to match what you have installed):


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