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Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel Gomez

Note: Random_1 ((NEW))

This is more similar to your original code. globals() returns a dict containing all the names defined at the module level, including functions, classes, and variables, all keyed by name. globals()[random_1] will therefore be a Cards object (which I think you ought to rename to Card by the way).

Note: random_1

Part 2: Define the "fitness function" : the objective of my problem is to generate 7 random numbers ( "random_1" (between 80 and 120), "random_2" (between "random_1" and 120) , "random_3" (between 85 and 120), "random_4" (between random_2 and 120), "split_1" (between 0 and 1), "split_2" (between 0 and 1), "split_3" (between 0 and 1 )), and use these numbers to perform a series of data manipulation procedures on the train data. At the end of these data manipulation procedures, a "total" mean variable is calculated.

We will randomly sample 4 diffent sets of 120 random images from imagenet dataset. Note that these images should be distinct from concept and zebra images since the testing will be performed on zebra images.Place random images under random_0, random_1, random_2 and random_3 folders under data/tcav/image/concepts/ folder similar to striped concept. 041b061a72


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