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If you are a fan of Asriel, a Japanese alternative rock band formed in 2006, you might be interested in downloading their album Abyss in FLAC format. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which is a type of audio compression that preserves the original quality of the sound without any loss. A FLAC file is usually larger than an MP3 file, but it offers a better listening experience for audiophiles.

Abyss is the ninth studio album by Asriel, released on March 5, 2014. It contains 14 tracks, including the title track Abyss, which is a powerful rock song with symphonic elements and Kokomi's impressive vocals. The album also features songs like Silhouette, a ballad with piano and strings; Shinku no Umi de Someta nara, a fast-paced song with electronic beats and guitar riffs; and Freesia, a gentle and emotional song with acoustic guitar and flute. The album showcases Asriel's diverse musical style and their ability to create atmospheric and expressive songs.


If you want to download ASRIEL - ABYSS [FLAC].rar, you can use the following link: [Download ASRIEL - ABYSS [FLAC].rar]. This is a direct download link from a reliable source that does not require any registration or payment. However, please note that this link is for personal use only and you should not share it with others or upload it to other websites. If you like Asriel's music, please support them by buying their official CDs or merchandise.

If you want to learn more about Asriel and their album Abyss, you can check out the following resources:

  • [Asriel Abyss - YouTube]: This is the official music video for the song Abyss, uploaded by Midnight Aeria, a fan channel dedicated to Asriel. You can watch the video and read the lyrics in English and Japanese.

  • [Abyss by Asriel on Apple Music]: This is the iTunes page for the album Abyss, where you can listen to previews of all the songs and buy the digital version of the album.

  • [Asriel Abyss (2013, CD) - Discogs]: This is the Discogs page for the album Abyss, where you can see the tracklist, credits, reviews, and other information about the CD release of the album.

I hope you enjoy listening to ASRIEL - ABYSS [FLAC].rar and discovering more about Asriel's music. Have a nice day! ? In this article, I will continue to write about Asriel and their album Abyss, focusing on the history and background of the band and the album. Asriel is a Japanese alternative rock band that consists of two members: Kokomi, the vocalist and lyricist, and Kurose Keisuke, the composer and arranger. They met in 2004 when they were both students at Tokyo University of the Arts, and they decided to form a band together. They named their band Asriel, which is a reference to the angel of death in Jewish mythology.<