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Roka Sunglasses Where To Buy __FULL__

Founded by athletes, Roka creates high quality products that stay put during strenuous activities, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, and personal protective equipment (PPE) glasses. They also sell backpacks, apparel, and swimming equipment.

roka sunglasses where to buy

Eyeglasses range in price from $175 to $320. Sunglasses cost between $125 and $350. Their technical gear costs anywhere from $10 to $975. Roka offers a payment plan through Affirm that allows you to make monthly payments over 3 to 12 months.

The site currently has several Rx glasses on sale for $30 to $40 off (prices start around $200 for a frame with a basic single-vision lens). That said, some of the better deals are on nonprescription sunglasses, with up to $50 off. Most of the styles are unisex with no designation for men or women.

In addition to readers, eyeglasses, and sunglasses, Roka offers many different styles of frames, colors, and lens types. You can also choose between different sizes of the same frame and add features like ultra-progressive technology to expand the field of vision or have the lenses high indexed to slim them down.

The Roka CP-1x is a high-quality, super comfortable pair of cycling sunglasses. Custom colours, limited edition drops, and prescription lenses are all options available to you, but the price is high and the lack of a second lens is a miss.

Roka is an American brand that started in a garage and today makes high-end sunglasses. The same is also true of Oakley but Roka does things a little differently. As the brand has grown, the vast majority of the design and manufacturing has remained in America right in the same town where it started. That fact alone doesn't make for a better product but when a company can keep their designers under the same roof as their manufacturing it breeds innovation. Roka can move fast and it has.

The Roka CP-1x is one of the options it offers for full-frame and full-coverage cycling sunglasses. It also happens to be currently available as a lust-worthy special edition paying homage to the American crit team L39ION of Los Angeles. That particular version is a unique combination of frame and lens colour and it represents one of many options available to you.

This is particularly surprising given the design of the glasses, where the thick hinge sits towards the bottom of the frame rather than at the top. They're fairly unusual looking glasses as a result, but the added bonus of the low hinge is that they sit higher on your face, which allows that unimpeded view when in a tuck. Roka refers to this design as the V-Core temple, which 'seamlessly integrates with helmets and caps'; essentially, it stays out of the way because it's lower down.

In 2016, ROKA was ready to expand beyond wetsuits. Inspired by brand ambassador and professional athlete Jesse Thomas, who had recently won a triathlon in gas station aviators, they set out to create something better than what was out there. With minimal movement, lightweight, and insane optics, ROKA did just that with their sunglasses launch. Since then, their eyeglasses business has exploded, with dozens of styles, including prescription and blue-blocking glasses.

The main value proposition of Rōka sunglasses is that they're guaranteed to stay glued to your face. No annoying sliding down on your nose while you're out for a run, no risk of them flying off your face while enjoying a boat ride on the lake, and no nagging pain on the side of your head after long periods of use.

When Rōka made the bold claim that its sunglasses would never slip or fall off your face, my natural inclination was to violently shake my head back and forth to see if the statement rang true. Amazingly enough, even after gyrating my skull like beads of water bouncing on a bass-speaker playing EDM music, my Rōka Oslo sunglasses stayed cemented on the bridge of my nose.

I've been able to wear the glasses without a hitch at a variety of events, including chill days at the park and fancier affairs like the Belmont Stakes and a black-tie wedding. At the wedding, my father even talked with someone who called me "the guy with the cool sunglasses."

I'm forever hunting for the best pair of sunglasses for each and every condition, and so far on this life's quest, I've come to the conclusion that an active, adventurous person requires at least three pairs of shades (but probably even a few more, especially where hapless hooples such as I are concerned).

I decided that, because Rōka's claim to fame is that its sunglasses are exceptionally grippy and activity-proof and because I have a particularly narrow face, trying frames that would tend to be on the looser side could be a good litmus test for the brand.

I put it up as a post on Instagram and Facebook and got hundreds of responses. Everyone liked a different pair. Now I was in a dilemma. What should I do? Should I order a pair of prescription glasses in addition to the sunglasses? Should I order something totally different than what I would typically order?

I got notification that the glasses had shipped from their headquarters in Austin. A few days later, I got the sunglasses. They are absolutely awesome. This may be the first of many glasses I buy from ROKA.

The Roka SL-1 Cycling Sunglasses offer comfort and performance for multi sports practising, not only cycling. The sunglasses provide a clear vision field thanks to the frameless design.

As an avid group of outdoors folks, GearJunkie has had the chance to put many sunglasses to the test in harsh conditions. And over the years, the cream has really risen to the top, producing this list of the best sunglasses for outdoor pursuits.

All in all, Costa del Mar is one of the best sunglasses brands on the market, particularly for outdoor use. While the brand focuses on water sports and fishing, the durability and lens quality is second to none.

The lenses are certainly the star of the show with Costa. But the frames also pack a punch. The Fantail Pro has an excellent customizable nosepiece that makes these glasses both secure and comfortable. Rubberized arm ends add a comfortable grip to these high-performance sunglasses.

If Costa del Mar is the king of the fishing world, Maui Jim reigns supreme among sailors and recreational boaters. During a decade living in the Caribbean, I made friends with many boat captains. Their choice of sunglasses for long days under the harsh sun was Maui Jim.

It lacks the adjustable nosepiece and comes in at an even higher price, so the Fantail Pro stands a slot above. But if you love the acetate frame style in a high-end pair of sunglasses, these are hard to beat.

What makes them unique? They have no arms! Instead, a fabric strap holds the sunglasses over the ears. This means they have no arms to break, so you can stow them in a jacket pocket or pack without the worry of crushing them.

I put them to the test for several months and was consistently impressed with the utility and quality of these sunglasses. They also look great, which was surprising considering the innovation.

GearJunkie editors have spent years learning about outdoor products, including sunglasses. We meet with brands to learn about the latest technology. Then, we research and test the best products on the market to ensure they perform in their intended environment.

As the former Editor in Chief of GearJunkie, he tested hundreds of pairs of sunglasses over his 10 years at the helm of the brand. Today, he oversees editorial production across multiple websites. And he still loves testing gear.

Wraparound styles will protect eyes from the sides as well as directly in front. But larger sunglasses do not fit every face well. Those with smaller faces will want sunglasses that stay secure when moving the head up and down and side to side.

Many sunglasses come with both polarized and nonpolarized lenses. For fishing, watersports, or other activities where glare reduction helps, polarized lenses are a much better choice. Some prefer nonpolarized lenses for driving, as they can cause strange aberrations with some windows.

Our top-rated sunglasses have proven themselves over years of testing. And they still look almost new today. But do note our budget choices are still good for many uses and will last if well cared for.

Polarized sunglasses have a specialized construction that reduces reflected light, or glare. Because they reduce, and in some cases nearly eliminate, reflected light, they are a top choice for fishing because they allow you to see into the water better than with nonpolarized sunglasses or the naked eye.

While we have a soft spot for cheap sunglasses, spending more on expensive sunglasses is worth it if you have the money. You will immediately notice the better lens quality, sturdier frame, and hinges of expensive sunglasses.

ROKA is a well-known and respected brand on the triathlon scene and while triathlon gear is very sport specific their sunglasses easily cross over to general cycling. I had the opportunity to test out a couple different styles of their cycling specs and came away very happy with the performance and quality that is on par with the giants of cycling eyewear like Oakley, Smith, etc.

When designing their sunglasses ROKA applied the same design philosophy across the entire product line with a strong emphasis on sport performance, namely optical clarity and fit. As with many high end sunglasses ROKA turned to the experts to supply their lenses and coatings, Carl Zeiss. I can attest to the lenses offering very crisp, distortion free vision and know that my eyes are protected from the sun with 100% blocking of UVA/B/C rays. There is a fairly exhaustive list of coatings including hydroleophobic, anti-scratch, anti-reflective, anti-fog, and mirrored. Bottom line is that I found the lenses to be very robust, actually shed water/sweat/fog pretty well, and have remained scratch free after many cleanings using the supplied cloth.

For a comfortable fit the sunglasses are very light, all falling inside the 20-30 gram range, so I got a feeling of them just disappearing on my face when I put them on. At the same time the frames feel very sturdy and the hinges are solid with no play. While very light weight the sunglasses are definitely not delicate and can handle the abuse typical of sports equipment. The GEKO nose and temple pads are very grippy, with the nose especially locked on due to the wedge effect. A titanium core wire in the temple allows for fit adjustment, but unfortunately the nose pads are not adjustable, though ROKA tells me this feature is on the way. 041b061a72


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