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Elijah Murphy
Elijah Murphy

The Flame In The Flood Mac Download

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The Flame In The Flood Mac Download


I was gonna say I don't buy sevens anymore since there is currently so much to choose from, but I literally was just waiting for my download of Sparkle 2 to finish as I was about to comment. I guess there are exceptions

Its just wrong to give this game a 7 this is easily a 9-10 in every single way. Its SO addictive and one of those games that you lose yourself in getting further each time you play. If you're on the fence about this game you'd be a pure fool to pass this one up. This was the best download this week and sits right up there with stardew and golf story in terms of its quality and lasting appeal. To give wulverblade a 9 and this a 7 just further proves the ultra amateureness of this sites ability to accurately review titles. Flame in the flood is the 9 here and wulverblade is the 7... Says ME!!!!!!!

@onex Yeah I just bought it and really love it! It actually seems to run at 60 fps for stretches of time. Looks beautiful on TV and handheld. It is entrancing and fun floating down the flooded river listening to that great music! Between this, Cuphead, Battle Garegga, Slime-san, Kingdom New Lands, and Conga Master Party I'm swimming in amazing game music!!

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