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The Benefits of Using Garena Authenticator APK for Your Garena Account and Gaming

Tried to login to MS 365. Am asked for the authentication code. Opened MS Authenticator on my phone and entered code shown. MS 365 said the code was wrong. Closed Authenticator and tried to reopen it....

My suggestion moving forward with an authenticator is no matter what program you choose, make sure you've got a way to have a plaintext version of all of your TOTP seeds. No authenticator does everything though which really sucks.

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I am getting this error. When I try to sign in with facebook to my app.When I first time authentication it will correctly working. After I unistalled my application and now trying to sign in with Facebook on that I am getting this error.

Solution I Found : when I remove App authentication from Facebook App Settings it is working in above scenario's but this is not an good solution how we can tell to users to do this action?

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if you setup the key hash correctly, it may be related to the facebook app.This is occurring only on Android if the facebook application is installed on device! (to make sure, just uninstall the fb app and try again.)one solution is to authenticating using web and ignore the native fb app.

Perhaps the most commonly used alternative to traditional password-based authentication is Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA), also known as 2-step verification. 2FA is a security measure that requires users to provide a second factor (such as an off-device code, biometric factor, or a physical token) in addition to their password to confirm their identity. While this extra layer of protection can undoubtedly make it more difficult for attackers to access your account, it is still not entirely foolproof.

Although every login function should require the second authentication factor after two-factor authentication is enabled, one of them is often forgotten. A surprising number of platforms allow users to access an account after obtaining a password reset token without additional verification. Obviously, such a blatant security hole makes the job of attackers significantly easier.

Another non-technical method of bypassing two-factor authentication is Social Engineering. While this notorious attack takes on many forms, they all share a common goal of tricking a person into giving away private information.

A phishing website is one of the most popular tools to conduct MiTM attacks. By posing as a trusted entity, the criminal prompts the victim to authenticate themselves via an attached link. Due to the website the user is redirected to often seeming legitimate, many people unsuspectingly enter their credentials to the proxy login page. Unfortunately, doing so allows the phishing site to obtain sensitive data about the user, including personal information, passwords or less secure second factors, and place them into the wrong hands.

Consent phishing is a relatively new yet dangerously calculated tactic attackers use to compromise user accounts. Unlike other 2fa bypass attacks that prey on session cookies and login credentials, this technique targets users who are already signed in - making it immune to all kinds of login protection measures, such as two-factor authentication and passwordless.

And just like that, all it took was one button hit to give the person behind the screen unrestricted access to your account, which is retained even if you change your password or turn on two-factor authentication. The actions the platform may take using the obtained information can range from exploiting your credentials to writing files and sending messages on your behalf.

Akin to many other 2FA bypass attacks, the Duplicate-Generator is also intended to exploit the security holes in this authentication method. Or, more specifically, the flaws of the one-time-password (OTP).

Similarly to Duplicate-generator, this attack operates by exploiting one-time passwords. However, rather than relying on an OTP copy, Sim-jacking ensures that the authentication code lands directly in the hands of the hacker.

Despite its shortcomings, two-factor authentication still remains among the most effective methods for safeguarding your own account. Although some may have figured out how to bypass 2FA, there are several countermeasures to stop such an attack from happening.

Due to their straightforward usage and quick setup, OTP security codes have established themselves as the go-to secondary authentication factor for numerous accounts. Unfortunately, their simplicity is also their most significant vulnerability.


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