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[S6E22] ...Baby One More Time [EXCLUSIVE]

"The Final Battle" marks the last appearances as regulars of six cast members: Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Jared S. Gilmore, Emilie de Ravin and Rebecca Mader. The episodes' bookends set up new timelines that continued in the seventh season. Gilmore's character, Henry Mills, was played as an adult by Andrew J. West, who along with newcomer Alison Fernandez, became series regulars in the seventh season.

[S6E22] ...Baby One More Time


Hayley is having a scan taken. Alex, Derek, and Arizona are waiting for the scans. Arizona thinks that Hayley is crazy, because she tried to stab herself in the heart. However, the scans are clean, so Arizona indeed deems Hayley crazy. Alex objects. He grew up with crazy, dated crazy, so he knows crazy. He doesn't think Hayley's crazy. He asks for more time, stating he's advocating for his patient, as Arizona taught him to. Derek then gives him until his board meeting is over, meaning four hours. Alex watches Hayley as the ties around her hands are released.

Amber thinks she has a big scar, but Meredith tells her that it'll look better once it's healed. Trish says the fingers are just bumps and bruises, but Amber disagrees. Trish says she knows, but they're alive. Amber says she sometimes has to call in sick because she's too angry about what happened to her to drive her car. Amber was afraid to tell Trish, because she thinks it makes her look weak and ungrateful. Since they're friends, Amber would like to get real for once. Trish opens up and says she can't watch romantic comedies anymore because she wants to scream at the women. Not being able to find Mr. Right is just a small problem compared to having most of your face burned off. They laugh and hug.

Paul (Jack Carpenter) is Rory's boyfriend in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Throughout the episodes, Rory is supposedly dating Paul, but she always forgets about him and is constantly reminding herself to break up with him. Paul has met Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop), Lorelai Gilmore, and Luke Danes (Scott Patterson), but none of those characters remember their encounters with him, and he often became a punchline due to him being seemingly unremarkable to the Gilmore gang. The fact that Rory and other people forgot about Paul multiple times leads us to believe that Rory didn't have a regular intimate relationship with him. Therefore, Paul is most likely not the father of Rory's baby.

Rory's first love, Dean (Jared Padalecki), lives in another city, Scranton, with a wife named Jenny who is pregnant with their fourth child, which we learn in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Dean seems well settled in his relationship and wonders about how Rory is doing when they briefly bump into one another in Doose's Market, after the middle of the Fall episode in November. It is highly unlikely they've been together romantically in recent times as they seem to have moved on, and he is a happily married family man. For this reason, Dean is most likely not the father of Rory's baby.

At the time of this writing, there are no official plans for more Gilmore Girls, but Sherman-Palladino has hinted at returning to Stars Hollow once more if the timing is right and all the cast wants to do it. In the meantime, you can binge-watch it all on Netflix and see if you can decide who you think stole Rory's heart.

The relationship between Lorelai and Luke becomes one of the sweetest storylines in the Gilmore Girls universe. While the television show ended with them together, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life finds Lorelai drifting a bit from Luke over the years, despite loving him. After she spends some time on her own, she ultimately comes to the realization that she wants to wed Luke. When she prepares to tell him this, Luke thinks she's breaking up with him, but instead of becoming angry, he confesses how important she is to him and that he'd never leave her. The two tie the know and presumably live happily ever after.

Miles O'Brien wakes up with his wife Keiko one morning, happy that both his wife and two children have returned to Deep Space 9 (having left when the Dominion War was inevitable). The two talk about what he's been up to while they've been away, as Keiko warns she intends to get Miles back in shape. Later that morning the couple get ready for a family picnic on Golana, a planet in the Bajoran sector. Their daughter Molly is very excited as she tells her baby brother Kirayoshi that the last time they went was when Keiko was pregnant with him. Later, as Keiko brushes Molly's hair, Molly tells her father that she wants to be an exobologist [sic] when she grows up and asks if they can take Chester (the family's pet cat) if they have to be sent away again. Miles, living a moment of true happiness, promises he won't send them away again. Molly goes to play and begins doing cartwheels in the meadow. Keiko tells Miles he made Molly a big promise, as the war might heat up again and the station won't be safe. Miles tells her that he'll put in for a transfer if that happens; he doesn't intend for the family to be separated any more. As he plays with Kirayoshi, Molly drifts closer to a nearby cavern. The picnic is cut short when they hear Molly screaming not far away. When Miles arrives in the cavern she was playing in, he finds his daughter hanging from a cliff over a mysterious device, which is active and producing a strange energy field. He is not able to grab her hand in time, and the little girl falls into the phenomenon and vanishes.

Miles and Keiko decide to take Molly to a holosuite which is simulating Golana to cheer her up and the idea proves to be a good one. Molly calls them "mommy" and "daddy" and begins doing cartwheels as she did on their picnic. Miles thinks they can probably schedule the holosuite for an hour or two every day, as Molly continues to play happily. Then a call comes in from Quark, as a couple of Klingons have reserved the holosuite for some "afternoon carnage" and refuse Miles' offer to reimburse their time. Quark apologizes to the O'Briens as there's nothing more he can do, but Miles says he understands and thanks him for being so accommodating. Miles tries to tell Molly the bad news, but when she completely ignores him, he is forced to end the program. The planet disappears, and Molly is stunned to find herself now in the small, confined room but the confusion soon gives way to anger, and Molly leaves the holosuite in a feral rage, and starts to tear Quark's apart.

Tabitha is a chronokinetic, or more simply put, a time traveler. The trauma of her getting shot by Percival's hitman unlocked her gift, sending her back in time to December 24, 1944, where she was guided by her guardian angel Raphael to complete her mission. From the book The Enigma of Time Travel, she learned that in order to hone her power, she needed to find her talisman, an object she can focus on. While searching for her talisman and stopping Percival from rewriting history, Tabitha traveled two more times to 1968 and 1999, respectively. And each time she jumped, she presented herself as a waitress at Pop's to help those around her comprehend her sudden appearance in their time. After discovering that the diner was her talisman, she was able to jump forward in time, only to discover that Riverdale was nothing more than a wasteland. However, her power is not without its limits, as she can only travel alone and within spitting distance of Pop's. 041b061a72


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