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Adobe Photoshop Cs5 Language Pack En Gb Download ((BETTER))

BTW: I am doing language packs for CS4 and CS5. I have the EN_GB for both CS4 and CS5, however, unfortunately, that if you have installed pt_BR of Photoshop CS5, and you install a en_GB language pack directly, it will show things like:

Adobe Photoshop Cs5 Language Pack En gb Download

Just a side note: Interestingly, if you have removed your original language pack (TS case is pt_BR), even if I install Spanish, Korean and English language packs, I can simply switch any of them freely without problems.

As I am still working on CS5 language packs, I wont be releasing them anytime soon (Still have Photoshop, Illustrator, Contribute, Dreamweaver & Fireworks) . Please email me @ [email address deleted by host] for me to hear your request (And I will host my language packs on my blog site.)

Dude its simple it took me a while but i got it go to the american adobe website then download a trial version of of Adobe Photoshop CS5 (or whatever it is in someone else's case) then install it when installing it should have your information otherwise enter it again and when you choose the language you should have a choice of english

And who would re-download the entire few hundred to several GBs of data / installer just to install one of the language that was not installed previous? (Try Adobe Illustrator and you know what I meant)

Actually it does work. You have to download the trial as stated above, then in the application folder, replace the language folder with the trial folder. I replaced pt_BR with en_US. Worked like a charm.

A) Replace the content of the language pack. This is like assuming I got German language pack due to German (de_DE) working environment, but I prefer to use English (Either en_US or en_GB), then I just use my downloaded en_GB to replace the content in de_DE's locale folder. Voila! Task accomplished EXCEPT various internal programs like update message remain as German.

B) Total localization, and you get to keep two languages or more. You just add in a new folder call en_GB on the locale folder, but PS CS5 will refuse it by saying unauthorized language pack and it will revert to allowed language packs. It does NOT happen on CS4 or earlier and my conclusion is that to circumvent this issue, you need to modify the PCD.db (On Windows X64's default location: C:\Pr