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Decoration Description: Both figure panels have scenes of horsemen. On Side A a young rider leads a second horse (barely visible behind the first) and is accompanied by two standing men. The rider carries a long spear and is nude save for a red wreath on his short hair. The quietly walking horse has a rather long body with a few careless incisions to suggest muscular detail, and slender legs. Mane, tail, and a band on the rump are in red. The harness shows a cheekstrap behind the pricked ears, divided at the bottom for attachment to the bit, but no noseband. Facing the rider stands a second nude youth, his right hand raised in greeting and the left holding a spear. His long thin body shows the disproportionately heavy buttocks and thighs common in early Greek art. He also wears a red wreath and has a large irregular red blob covering his chest. Behind the horse stands an older man wearing a long himation, its diagonal folds emphasized by red bands; he too holds a spear. He is bearded and short-haired with a red fillet around his head.

The Krannert amphora belongs to the mature phase of Attic black-figure and is influenced by the style of the Amasis Painter (see Bloomington 71.82). In his early work, around 550, he is fond of this shape (panel amphora type B), and he favors simple closed compositions without strong action. The long slender bodies and details such as the sharp-nosed faces and the pointed calf seen in the standing youth of Side A are common in the Amasis Painter's vases. However, these features are also found in the work of several other black-figure painters around the middle of the sixth century when the Amasis Painter was the most influential artist. The Krannert vase lacks the neat craftsmanship, subtle spacing, and group relationship which characterize the work of the master. Of the minor painters clearly influenced by him, the Painter of Berlin 1686 shows the closest analogies to the Krannert amphora in shape, composition, and numerous figure details. The Amasis Painter's work is discussed by S. Karouzou in Karouzou 1956; see ABV, 150-158, with further bibliography. For the Painter of Berlin 1686 see ABV, 296f. For Exekias' return of the Dioskouroi, showing the greeting of warriors, see Arias & Hirmer 1962, pl. 63 (Vatican 344). For horses and harness see Anderson 1961. 041b061a72


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