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Elijah Murphy

Em4 Mods Download Los Angeles |VERIFIED|

What is the manual?The manual for the Los Angeles mod is an instructional guide where you can find alot of helpful information regarding LA mod gameplay.The manual is provided with the Los Angeles mod package. You can also download it from need to have a .pdf file reader like Adobe Reader 9 to open and read the manual.

Em4 Mods Download Los Angeles

You can also download a new configuration file:You can download it from the configuration files don't fix your problems, reinstall Emergency 4 and the latest patch.

How can I play online?When you want to play online with the LA mod, you need to have a good internet connection.Make sure you aren't downloading or uploading stuff, because that can cause problems.When you haven't changed anything to the LA mod and original game files you can play online without any problems.To join an existing game, you have to load the mod and look for servers.Emergency 4 will automaticly filter all LA mod servers, if there are any.


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