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Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel Gomez

[S2E15] The Black Widow UPD

Bugs wakes up after a good night's sleep, then goes out to get his newspaper, only to encounter Walter, who panics about losing his wife's diamond bracelet. He then holds up a card reading "The Black Widow", which was in Patricia's jewelry box, and insists Bugs helps, not wanting his wife to know it was stolen. In Lola's room, Bugs finds Lola literally facing the music; she is facing a speaker which is playing music. Bugs then stops the music and holds up the black widow card. Lola admits she panicked and used the card to buy some time to look for the bracelet. Afterwards, they retrace their steps, and Lola remembers she stopped for frozen yogurt. She then admits she tried to go to the hospital after getting a brain freeze but never made it, noting she cannot drive with her eyes closed. Then she reveals that she got a spray tan, went to a gun range and went night swimming.

[S2E15] The Black Widow

Moments after the Great American Eclipse of 2017, astrophysicist Janna Levin, comic co-host Matt Kirshen, and Columbia professor of astronomy Joe Patterson talk about eclipses, relativity, black widow pulsars, and more. 041b061a72


discussion about poetry by Kelly Alexandra Hoff.


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