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Cigraph Archisuite Library For Archi Cad 17 Crack

Cigraph ArchiSuite Library for ArchiCAD 17

ArchiCAD is a powerful and versatile architectural design software that allows users to create and manage complex projects with ease. However, sometimes the standard tools and functions of ArchiCAD are not enough to meet the specific needs and preferences of different designers. That is why Cigraph, a partner company of Graphisoft, has developed a series of add-ons and plug-ins that extend and enhance the capabilities of ArchiCAD. These add-ons and plug-ins are collectively known as the Cigraph ArchiSuite Library.


The Cigraph ArchiSuite Library for ArchiCAD 17 is a collection of 12 plug-ins that provide customised functions for various stages of the design process. These plug-ins are compatible with ArchiCAD 17 and can be accessed from the menu bar or the toolbox once they are installed. The plug-ins are as follows:

  • ArchiForma 2: This plug-in allows users to create special shapes without having to use GDL scripting. Users can draw, edit, and manipulate 2D and 3D elements with a simple and intuitive graphical interface.

  • ArchiFacade: This plug-in enables users to correct the perspective distortion of images, such as photographs of facades, objects, etc. Users can import images into ArchiCAD and adjust them to fit the project scale and orientation.

  • ArchiTiles: This plug-in helps users to plan, set, and calculate the laying of tiles on surfaces such as floors, walls, and ceilings. Users can choose from different types of tiles, layouts, patterns, and materials.

  • ArchiSketchy: This plug-in transforms the computer-drawn projects into hand-drawn style designs. Users can apply different sketchy effects to the views, such as pencil, ink, watercolor, etc.

  • ArchiTime: This plug-in tracks the time spent on each project, operation, and work session. Users can view and export detailed reports of their activities and productivity.

  • ArchiStair 2: This plug-in allows users to create stairs with customised shapes and dimensions. Users can design stairs with treads and landings that have curved, polygonal, or irregular forms.

  • ArchiPanel: This plug-in enables users to design raised floors and false ceilings using panels or modules. Users can create simple or complex arrangements with repeated shapes, sizes, and materials.

  • ArchiRuler 2: This plug-in provides users with a set of tools to measure distances, angles, areas, volumes, etc. Users can also create customised dimension lines and labels.

  • ArchiTabula: This plug-in assists users in creating tables and schedules from the project data. Users can generate lists of elements, quantities, costs, etc., and export them to Excel or other formats.

  • ArchiRotate: This plug-in enables users to rotate one or more elements around a custom axis. Users can define the rotation angle and direction with precision.

  • ArchiWall 2: This plug-in allows users to create walls with complex profiles and geometries. Users can draw walls with holes, niches, recesses, projections, etc., using a graphical interface.

  • ArchiToolBox: This plug-in offers users a collection of useful tools for various tasks, such as aligning elements, changing layer combinations, converting fills into zones, etc.

The Cigraph ArchiSuite Library for ArchiCAD 17 is a valuable resource for ArchiCAD users who want to customise their workflow and enhance their creativity. The plug-ins are easy to use and integrate seamlessly with ArchiCAD. Users can download the Cigraph ArchiSuite Library from the Graphisoft website or purchase it from Cigraph's online store. The plug-ins are also available individually or in bundles according to the user's needs.


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