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Dashboard 13604: What It Is and How to Use It with Xenia Canary Emulator

What is dashboard 13604 and why you might want to download it

If you own an Xbox 360 console that has been modified with a JTAG or RGH hack, you might be interested in updating your kernel or dashboard to the latest version. The dashboard is the user interface of the Xbox 360 that allows you to access games, apps, settings and other features. The kernel is the core system software that runs the console and provides security and compatibility.

dashboard 13604 download

Download Zip:

One of the most popular dashboard versions for JTAG/RGH users is dashboard 13604, which was released by Microsoft in October 2011. This version introduced some new features and improvements, such as:

  • Support for Xbox Live cloud storage for game saves and profiles

  • Support for beacons and Facebook sharing

  • Enhanced family settings

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