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Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel Gomez

Golden Swords Full Crack [key Serial] [BEST]

An American gangster, Rodney, visits famed crack shot hitman Francisco Scaramanga to kill him and collect a bounty, but he is directed into a funhouse section of the estate, where Scaramanga eventually retrieves his golden gun and kills him.

Golden Swords Full Crack [key Serial]


The stunt was performed by Loren "Bumps" Willert[60] (as James Bond) driving an AMC Hornet leaping a broken bridge and spinning around 360 degrees in mid-air about the longitudinal axis, doing an "aerial twist"; Willert successfully completed the jump on the first take,[41] and was given a $30,000 bonus on the spot.[61][62] The stunt was shown in slow motion, for the scene was otherwise too fast.[63] Composer John Barry added a slide whistle sound effect over the stunt, which Broccoli kept in despite thinking that it "undercouped the stunt". Barry later regretted his decision, thinking the whistle "broke the golden rule" as the stunt was "for what it was all worth, a truly dangerous moment, ... true James Bond style".[64] The sound effect was described as "simply crass".[63] The writer Jim Smith suggested that the stunt "brings into focus the lack of excitement in the rest of the film and is spoilt by the use of 'comedy' sound effects".[23] Eon Productions had licensed the stunt, which had been designed by Raymond McHenry.[24] It was initially conceived at Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory (CAL) in Buffalo, New York as a test for their vehicle simulation software. After development in simulation, ramps were built and the stunt was tested at CAL's proving ground.[65] It toured as part of the All American Thrill Show as the Astro Spiral before it was picked up for the film. The television programme Top Gear attempted to repeat the stunt in June 2008, but failed.[66]


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