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Elijah Murphy

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fingering teenies

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Frye might have gotten away with the shooting, since his victims initially refused to cooperate. He was caught only after he was shot and enraged his victims by fingering one of them as the shooter.

"Just got asked if I was fingering myself on the radio. s/o sexism. it's the best," Charli tweeted Tuesday (September 2), to which Beelen responded, Icona Pop reference at the ready, "I don't care, i love it ;-) thx was fun!"

The section of the interview in which Beelen asked the offensive question doesn't seem to have been posted to the website for his show, "GIEL!" (MTV News has reached out to the station for comment), but as far as we can gather from Dutch news sources, the DJ asked Charli to participate in a section of the show called "a horny good morning," in which guests are instructed to say "good morning" as sensually as possible. That's when he dropped the "fingering" comment. 041b061a72


discussion about poetry by Kelly Alexandra Hoff.


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