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Accepting Donations

Hi fans and friends and family,

I have been trying to find a job, but haven't found one yet. I will continue to work on my musical and artistic work while I look for a day job, and as I try to make it in music. I am needing money for food and daily things as well as supplies for my music and artistic endeavors. If you would like to contribute money to something specific via Venmo, I will be so very appreciative! Here is what I need for my music career aspirations:

  • MacBook Pro

  • Guitar tuner

  • 1/4" cables for guitars, bass, etc. (2)

  • Pens

  • Computer ink

  • Repair pick ups and input jack(? - loose) Jaguar

  • Repair input jack on Ibanez Acoustic

  • New Tubes on Orange AD30 amplifier

  • New Tubes on mini Orange amp

  • power supply to bipolar mic

Daily Stuff:

  • money for food

  • gas for car

  • dog biscuits

  • rent for house

  • phone bill

  • internet bill

  • cleaning supplies

  • money for miscellaneous items

  • Uber rides (having a hard time driving longer distances lately.)

Thank you all for all the donations so far. You are all wonderful. If anyone knows of any paid gig opportunities or record labels that might be interested in my work, so I could get some paid performance and artistic work, let me know. Feel free to pass on my web address to them or my Facebook music page. Thank you all so much.

Trying to stay strong. 🖤



aka Alix

ps - I am still very weak and in pain, but trying hard to exercise and eat as healthy as I can. It's been harder to eat recently. I am trying to stay sober and not smoke cigarettes right now. Even though I do those things occasionally. I am trying to focus on my health. Love you all.

~ Kelly

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