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“The street lamps like an amusement park

The dollar store

Across the parking lot of the dollar store

The leaves brushed from the porch

The trees on the side

Dancing in the wind

My stomach twisting


In front of the fire place

In from the cool weather



The house I remember


My sickness on the floor

Bones and skin

My bones seen

Little girl

Picture of a Swedish-American girl

Sick with love

Sick in stomach

Can’t eat well



Calling my little boy home

We're both like innocent children

When we’re together

So fresh

And full of hope

My hope dwindles here


The church on the street next door

I can see it from where I smoke my cigarettes

Praying for me

Jesus, save me

Slave university

Taking my meds

Hoping they’re saving me

I pour out my words

To ones who will read



Listen to the lonely

Swedish girl

My dad so long past

Want to make him happy

My mother so kind on the phone

I’ve lost so much

But she still has so much love to give

I’m glad we’re not fighting

But of the loss

Of my home….

Little black dress

Bones and skin

My bones seen

Think of me

Someone, somewhere

Calling out

Think of me

Pray for me.

Darkness falls.”

"Lamps" aka "Bones" written by Kelly Alexandra Hoff, dec. 5, 2023. 11:03pm. Mankato, Minnesota.

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