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lesbian romance novel

Everything is hot. Trying to eat enough.

I finally started my lesbian romance novel.

my lesbian romance novel is going swimmingly.

It’s kind of funny. I don’t know how I’m going to turn this into a whole novel.

It’s more like Lesbian South Park. written by me.

It gives me something to do. At least I’m entertained.

Okay.. In all seriousness.. I don’t want to go overboard.

I am under a lot of stress and in a lot of pain, physical and emotional sometimes.

So, sorry if it seems like lately I’m always deflecting on a joke, in my desperation.

Thanks everyone for reading. And listening. To those of you who have donated food, money, rides..

I really appreciate it. I am still having a really hard time. Very low on cash. Luckily I have some food now. More than before. Still no job. Have not heard from any of them I applied for. Will keep looking.

Sending gratitude,

Kelly. aka Alix.

ps - it’s a lesbian fantasy romance novel.

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