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Updated: Apr 2, 2023

If anyone wants to donate $ or supplies.

  • comforter (cotton filling) for queen bed

  • iPhone charger cord

  • iPad

  • $ for books, office supplies

  • $ for food, nutritional drinks for weight gain (Boost) (for Instacart or in store)

  • Church rides - Uber

  • Rent

  • Guitar & amplifier repairs

  • Help outdoors - show shovelling, grass mowing

  • misc. music needs - guitar strings, picks, learning, tab paper, etc.

thank you all for reading & your support.🖤-Kelly🤍💟

Donations accepted for other things as well. ❤️‍🩹💟

Also would love donations so I can keep up my website (including blog,) & professional email. It means a lot to me.)

Donations accepted here:



More Needs -


rent money

$ to pay phone bill


-Kelly A. Hoff.

april 2, 2023.

Photos: Alix (Kelly) & Erik Alien. Erik, my human friend, has cool bikes. Erik Alien is named after him. CD case: PJ stories album demos.

©️Kelly A. Hoff, 2023.

PJ Harvey, "Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea - Demos."g

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1 Comment

Thank you all for reading.

I think I’m gonna make it through the night. 🧡💟

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