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"Ninotchka" lyric video

Hi all,

I uploaded a lyric video for my song "Ninotchka" to the videos page. I wrote the song lyrics a long time ago, in April 2011, when Erik & I were living in Austin, Texas.

It's a song I hold very close to my heart, whose music I didn't actually finish, adding the chords with it, until July 2020. It feels so old to me. I am glad to share her more with the world now. I have played this for Erik, and I have played her busking.

Some of my songs remain unfinished until they are ready to be finished or released. This is one of them.

Most of the photographs for this video I took in 2013 when I was living in Wisconsin. And the one in the black boa was taken in September 2020, in my house in Minnesota.

I hope you all enjoy.

- Kelly

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