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Poem in the night: “Natural-born anorexic” & other poems, of night & day

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Poem for the night so far.

"Natural-born anorexic"

by Kelly Alexandra Hoff

"Natural-born anorexic

'why try to change me now?'

Hear my voice?

why do I sound like this?

with this lisp?

Natural-born anorexic

'why try to change me now?'



cold food

luke warm food.

how long did I leave it out?

(fell asleep again.)

throw it away?

and buy more?

& hope I have enough $ money.

Natural-born anorexic

'why try to change me now?'

Natural-born anorexic

in recovery.

'why try to change me now?'"

~ "Natural-born anorexic," by Kelly Alexandra Hoff. October 22, 2022.

'why try to change me now' - Cy Coleman / Joseph Allen Mccarthy, from jazz standard, "Why Try To Change Me Now?"

That's a poem I just wrote tonight. Yesterday I uploaded a new "poetry reading" video - to the internet, of my poem, "The Lexington," (2019). You can watch it and other videos of me reading a few of my other poems, here:

poetry playlist: YouTube: Kelly Alexandra Hoff

• "The Prettiest Dancer," Kelly Alexandra Hoff, 2022. performed 10.08.2022.

• "In My Castle," Kelly Alexandra Hoff, 2021. performed 09.10.2022.

• "The Lexington," Kelly Alexandra Hoff, 2019. performed 10.21.2022.

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