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“Rhyme & dine” - poem, 12-10-2022

“Russian tea cakes, Kedem grape juice, fresh bread and butter.  Nutritional drinks? - wait?  left-over candy canes. 


Went to my store today.

On the fancy side of town.

Gonna go back to see the lions

         Walk on the street

          With the big, fancy houses

With my dog

She likes the lions


And Christmas lights and

wide grassy landscape.


All around

Summit Avenue

My lost and found

Probably so many people’s lost and found


The AA house

    big, on the corner

                                                                                                 Haunted House

If you lose yourself, you can find

yourself here. 


Gonna write on my old computer

      This old monsteur


Got a new one, but now she’s old too. 

Got a sort of cracked, fucked up screen. 


Now need a new one.


No money.  No money to be had.


        Gonna get myself a book deal

        Gonna get myself a book deal.


        The ghetto’s going rich! 

Going rich for real!


My old store, my old corner store.  In my mixed area.  Too scary today.  To get my sodas and other play treats. 


Party time.

   Party time. 


            Time for a rhyme.

               Rhyme and dine.

                Rhyme and dine.


My Russian tea cakes.

           on the guest bed.



Rhyme and dine!”


~ “Rhyme & dine” (“Russian tea cakes”) by Kelly Alexandra Hoff, December 10, 2022

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