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“small sepharad” (poem)

"Spit out the food.

Can’t swallow it all down

Thought that I could..

I need to breathe

Why you call me a different name?

So many voices

  Right, left - they boss me around



friends of friends -

Bipolar again..

Bipolar always igen.. (again..)

Polar person woeman

Polar bear playing

Polar person we

Polar said I see..


No macab..


  where’s jesus when u need him?

cross a hanging

tongue’s a sanging..



Shawl or veil..

Darkness falls..

Hollars all..


Chemical trails..

Songs like whales..


Being jesus 4 ya..

  iz exhausting work..


small sepharad..

hold me

hold me

  sweet love,

  sweet boy of mine..

I am girl

and sweet as song

and lost as long

as I can explain..

  so long I

  can’t explain -

  or don’t want to..

don’t want to talk..

don’t want to explain..

small girl-boy on the inside

  walks the stairs

  to school again -

  Needs her dad.

  He’s not there..


small sepharad..

sad and such..

Still so sad and such..

small sepharad.”

~ poem by Kelly.  A Hoff.  "small sepharad.”


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