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Update on how I’m doing

I was sick for a little while and now I’m not eating very much, but feeling better. A friend of mine brought me some good breakfast food this morning. It was delicious.

I joined TikTok, if you want to follow me on TikTok. There are people on there who aren’t celebrities with thousands of views! And likes. Crazy.. I have no likes yet. Waiting… lol.

I posted a video of me dancing. I wonder if it will wind up on someone’s list of lesbian thirst traps. Lol. That wasn’t my intention. I’m just a dancer. But was wondering.. lol.

I look forward to posting more singing and dancing videos.

So far on TikTok I’ve found drag queens, lesbians, farm, more dancing…. It’s kind of entertaining so far…

I’m trying to exercise more and get in better shape.

I will write more later.

~ Kelly 🤍 aka Alix

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