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"I'm kind of like an old man, kind of like a little girl."

- Kelly Alexandra Hoff   

"I like ice cream."

"In school I loved history class."

"I like the tv show "Harlots" on Hulu."

"I was in a sorority."

"My ex-girlfriend probably thinks I eat pasta everyday, but I don't.  I do like pasta though."

"My best friend Erik & I were in a relationship for 7 years.  We live in different cities now, but still talk everyday."

"I have a sword my dad bought when he was on business trip in Japan.  I like that sword a lot.  My dad died when I was 12.  I like wearing his clothes."

"I was conceived in England."

(South Kensington, London, England - added: 11/19/2021)

"My dad's side of the family still lives in Sweden.  My mother's side of the family lives in America."

"I love "Frozen."  (But the "The Little Mermaid" is still my favourite.)"

"I started learning to play classical guitar when I was in high school.  From a man with long finger nails for picking."

"I like watching Bob Dylan documentaries.  My biggest influences are probably PJ Harvey & Nirvana though." 

Okay.  That's about me.  

- Kelly Alexandra Hoff, Friday, September 10, 2021; 9:46pm

ps - "I consider myself to be "diet Goth." 

- Kelly Alexandra Hoff, Friday, September 10, 2021; 10:07pm

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