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"Street Musician. Manic-depressive. Recluse. I'm a self-employed song-writer and modern dancer. I like traveling and knitting. I like IKEA, world history, & bread."

- Kelly Alexandra Hoff

ps - you can view my Instagram below, or click here:  kellyalexandrahoff

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August 2022

I have been very stressed out.  I am trying to find a job so I can pay rent and stay in my house.  I really, really, really need a job.  So, if anyone knows of a job where I can sit down and not be standing all day, let me know.  I am open-minded.  I can drive, do computer work, do creative work.  Still trying to take care of the mouse problem.  It got very, very bad.  There are still some mice, but fewer.  And after flies were gone for a while, now they are back, only bigger.  Giant flies.  I am trying to get things cleaner, but I feel very weak and tired and sometimes depressed and so some days cleaning and other productive things aren't happening very much.  I have started posting "interviews" on YouTube, just of me talking.  I am still writing various things and making live videos of new songs, covers, and performing old songs.  You can check out my videos here or on YouTube.  Thanks to everyone loves and appreciates me and supports me and my artistic work.  There are actually new photos of my visual art on my artwork page too, new poems, lyrics posted, etc.  If you want to help support me and my art/music/dance, etc. you can contribute on Venmo:  @Kelly-Hoff-189.  I need money for food, rent, other daily expenses, artistic expenses.  Thanks so much to everyone who has already contributed.  I really appreciate it.  It really, really helps.  I hope you are all having a good night, good day, whatever it is where you are.  

~ Kelly ♡

08-09-2022; 1:53am

Camp and after camp:

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March 2022

I've been pretty depressed lately.  But trying to do things anyway.  I have actually been quite productive this winter.  I have released three full-length albums of music for streaming on my website.  The Ice album in particular is still in sort of a "demos" state, but I hope you will enjoy her anyway.  I am gearing up for more busking this year in the warmer months, and wrote a song called, "Ethereal," a reminiscent instrumental jazz song of sorts, and also recorded a version of "Autumn Leaves," which I played a lot last year busking.  Looking forward to writing more jazz, in addition to my rock/grunge/folk songwriter stuff, and working on videos.  

If you would like to donate a bit to me making my art/music/etc. you can donate on my "ko-fi" page which I just set up.  Have not used this platform before, so I will see how it goes, but you can donate here if you want to.

I'm gonna chill and listen to some 90s music and see if I can get some stuff done today in my messy house.  Hope you all have a wonderful day. 

- Kelly


Ice album (newest album) & singles with b-sides:


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