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Kelly Alexandra Hoff

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In February 2022, Kelly Alexandra Hoff released in progress forms of her albums to date on her website for streaming.  Two solo albums Exhaust and Ice.  And one collaborative album with Erik Wray, Some Female Errors.    You can view her discography here:

She played a solo concert at Underground Music Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota in December 2021, and is currently booking gigs and working on releasing albums of her work.

Kelly aka Alix

dancer, singer-songwriter, musician, poet

Kelly Alexandra Hoff, also known by her nickname “Alix,” is a rock/grunge/folk artist from the Chicago suburbs, currently based out of the Twin Cities.  She has American & Swedish citizenship and grew up dancing, taking up guitar in high school, and completed a degree in dance from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.    

Influenced by Swedish folk music & 90s grunge and alternative, she writes delicate, airy folk melodies and ragged, rough, rock songs.  

She also writes with her best friend, Kansas City - based jazz guitar player, Erik Wray, collaborating on many songs they wrote together when they were living in Austin, Texas, as well in Minnesota & Wisconsin.  Their collaborative work has influences of metal & jazz.  

She has recently released a few home made, make-shift music videos, for songs, “Sushi” (2020) & “Nicotine,” (2012), & "Captivity" (2011) as well as a music & dance piece, called, “Frail,” a “silent” version & a version with drums, during the dancing portion of the video.  She has also released several live videos of songs, on the “live at home” portion of her website. 

Kelly Alexandra Hoff - sunglasses on stairs - June 4, 2021 - 196860434_5649394888463944_73
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"Halo" (live from my backyard) - Kelly Alexandra Hoff - Sunday, September 5, 2021
Kelly Alexandra Hoff - playing (official video)
Alix, Kelly Alexandra Hoff - "Centerfold" live at Underground Music Cafe, December 22, 2021  01
Alix, Kelly Alexandra Hoff & Erik Wray - Captivity (official video)
"Disorganized" (original song written in April 2012) by Kelly Alexandra Hoff - Thursday, August 26, 2021
Alix - "Daddy" (short version draft) by Kelly Alexandra Hoff
Kelly Alexandra Hoff - Angelene (PJ Harvey cover in my bedroom)
"Sushi" (video) - original song & video by Kelly Alexandra Hoff - February 25, 2020
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