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Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Okay, if you are wondering answers to some questions, here they are:

What is your sexual orientation?

Gay/lesbian. (somewhat bisexual. bisexual enuf to have a bf..). Edit added: 3-25-23 - So, I know that I say that, I'm somewhat bisexual, but I AM a lesbian. Please call me a lesbian. It's ok.

How do you identify racially?


Do you have a Wikipedia?

No, not yet..

How many shows have you played?

2 (one with a band and one solo show.). And have played some open mics.

Are you vegan?


What is your eating disorder?

Have historically called myself anorexic. When I was younger, I was probably called ED-NOS (eating disorder, not otherwise specified.) then was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa later. I think currently I seem sort of anorexic-bulemic. I have actively tried to be in recovery via a 12-step program since 2017.

Correction: I think I am not anorexic-bulemic. I think I am just anorexic. - K.A.H., 4-2-23.

Are you Swedish?

Yes, I am Swedish via my dad's side. He was born & raised in Sweden and met my mother, who is American, in college. I have held dual citizenship with the U.S. & Sweden since birth and have kept it in adulthood. I still have family I talk to & visit in Sweden.

How old are you?

39. I had my 39th birthday on February 28th. I was born in 1984.

Are you an orphan?

No. My father died when I was 12, in 1996. But my mother is still alive.



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