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Anti-me band Coco & Clair Clair evil nasties

Found an evil band called Coco & Clair Clair who is a direct attack on me as a person. Bad band. Awful people. Nasty, hateful lyrics in their "song" "Pretty." Only track I've heard from them so far. Seem like liars. Possibly felons. Would not support them playing music EVER. Not sure if they are just as evil toward anyone else.

-Kelly, 4-3-23.


Saint Paul, MN.

They are playing at Amsterdam Bar & Hall, April 3rd, 23. With a band called "Grandma."

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I would like a restraining order from the people involved in this band. And to investigate them to see if they are the ones who broke into my car and stole two of the tires and wheels on my car. I would like to be protected by law from them.

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