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“Caucasian Firefly” (poem)

“Caucasian firefly

Flying around a white world

Drugs and drugs and drugs and -

  Carrying sentiments

Sometimes no one wants to think of

Wants to fly past the lights

  Under the dark blue sky

Hot air

  Gold stare

  Gold stares-

Staring back.

  At firefly

Wants free in the air

  Nature’s faire

A firefly

Whisk on by

North to South

Wonder why-

  She feels uprooted-

Moon and stars and all manner of cars

Trucks and radios-

And gas stations fares-


Waiting- for her man to come-

Me, a firefly

Not so faire-

But beautiful-

  in my own way-

I wait and stare-

             through my glass-

Trapped at home

Under a glass sky-

Under a starry glass sky-

Wondering why-?

  Longing to fly-

Longing to fly-

  Waiting for my man-

black & white-

rainbow firefly.

    Caucasian fairy-

Wants a home.

   Caucasian fairy-

  Wants to roam-

  Fly away-

  Fly far off-

  Find a good man & good place to stay..

                  Texas nights


under the dark, glass sky-

  so high,-

  So high.

Miss you baby.

Miss you my good man.

Caucasian fairy-

  Oh so sad-

Waisting away-

Missing her man…

Glassy noel

  Fields a blue-

In the sky overhead.

  Missing my man..

  Missing my man..

  Missing my man…

White billowy world

Accept a girl?

  A little boy-girl

  A little androgyne-

Sprite in white

  and red

little nymph in black.

Walking my way back-

Walking my way back..

to my man..

to my man..

one day, one day-

  we’ll be together

In this world again…”

“I love you, baby.  my blue-eyed man..

My missouri man..

My missouri man..

when you come home?.”





April 27, 2023.

“Caucasian Firefly”

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