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december 2021 - new artwork & live videos

I played my first solo show. you all can check out live videos of my songs “Centerfold” and “Valhalla” on my website: I have been working on some artwork here and there, and posted a new drawing on my artwork page. the drawing is called, “friends. stuffed animals in my bedroom” (2021) I spend a lot of time in bed. I have been listening to this band, “Whores” I heard about online. we have lots of snow here, so I am going to go out and snow shovel. hope you are all having a good day. happy holidays!

- Kelly Alexandra Hoff, aka “Alix”

thursday, december 30, 2021

ps - you can also listen to a rough draft, demo version of my new song “heal me” on youtube. it is posted on my solo music page at

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