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disappointed ex-fan

I am writing today to complain about the singer Florence Welch. I used to enjoy some of her music, but am highly disappointed in her most recent “development” to say the least. I feel actually personally attacked by her and literally HATE her song “Dream Girl Evil” and am personally offended by her performance in my country of Sweden recently. It’s absolutely disgusting. I feel like she personally, literally hates me and wants to simply appropriate from me and use me for her career. I feel like she literally hates me for simply being innocent person who grew up dancing, because she is jealous and lacking in the technique and experience that I actually have, even though I am out of shape right now, due to lack of money to take dance classes and other issues. I feel like Florence Welch is an extremely ungrateful, selfish person, who cares only about herself and her own career, and doesn’t care who she hurts to get what she wants, including me, a next to unknown songwriter, who doesn’t have a record label or a lot of money or a professional career. I literally want her entire tour and career cancelled due to that song and her performance of it in Stockholm. In addition to the other things she has done in her career that have been upsetting to me, which I don’t even want list right now. She is incredibly immature and self-entitled and I am personally tired of her. I am extremely disappointed in Florence Welch’s development as a person and as an artist. I own four of her albums and gave an album to my mother, which I hope she doesn’t throw away in spite my anger at Florence Welch. And I am sad to say that I find her to be such an awful person now, that I am just extremely disappointed. It’s very difficult to support someone or their work, when you feel personally attacked by them and used by them. I think she should quit her career and to be honest, I would like to sue her.

As a person with an eating disorder, who is in recovery, as a woman who has been raped, and as a dancer, am very offended by Florence Welch and very upset. I feel hated and used and abused by her.

I am going to keep singing and writing and dancing, in spite of Florence Welch’s awful behavior, and hope that she no longer makes any appearances in my countries of Sweden or the United States of America. Being a Swedish citizen and a member of the EU, I don’t want her performing in any EU country or in America ever again.

I think there are just some people that are not meant to have long, prolific careers, because they lack the maturity to develop as a person and to stay relevant in an honest way in society. Florence Welch is one of them.

I am not evil. And Florence Welch is very obviously not an angel. I hope she grows up and realises that there are a lot of very nice people in the world that just want to live their lives and not be used and abused by celebrities like her. She is not the only celebrity I feel personally used by or attacked by, but this song and performance are so bad that I feel the need to complain about it publicly.


Kelly Alexandra Hoff

disappointed ex-fan

June 11, 2022; 11:35pm

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