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“green & camo”

“Cozy in my new metallica t-shirt.  Reminds me of my old man.  Would be my old man, and I his old lady, if he were mine.  Forty years old now.  Me in my little homeless girl green hoodie and army green metallica t-shirt.  Jeans my mom bought me.  Boots donated from the psychiatric ward nurse.  Got my blue camo blanket.  You’d think I was going into wartime.  Camo and green and metal.  Nope.  Just miss my man.   Just trying to find a job.  But maybe it is out there.  Kind of scary.  For a scared little girl inside.  Homeless, sleeping on the sidewalk, now in a place with a bed for at least a while.  Don’t know where I’m going.”

  • “green and camo. homeless girl in bed,” written by Kelly Alexandra Hoff.  March 4, 2024.

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