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Harem road

“Harem road, too weak to walk..

Harem walk, need to go too fast to talk

Harem road

  I like my home..

Harem road,

  hope I wont have to go…”

“Passers by,

by car & in the door

Oh so nice to local whore.

Whore reformed?

Whore is trying?..

Whore feels like she’s forever dying…

      Too weak to give

  Too tall to sing?..

  Too weak see all that could be..

In any case,

               Harem road -


Keeps on trying…

Harem road Whore

  Keeps on smiling


  Keeps on laughing..

      All for the camera -

But out loud?-

In person-

  Smiles few-..

Harem road Whore longs-

to become a new…

Harem Road whore-


To become a new…”

~ Harem road Whore” by Kelly Alexandra, 2023. April 7, 2023; 6:54p.m.

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