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Yesterday the dog and I went to the coffee shop on the corner where Erik & I used to hang out.  She got to lick my soy chai latte cup after I was done.  She pulls on the leash so hard.  I read my PJ Harvey poetry book a little.  Played my harp on the sidewalk across the street.  I like that corner.

I hope to make some money soon.

To be a big star.

I want PJ Harvey to pick me up.

I want to release my albums and go on tour.

I want to be famous.

I’m working on transitioning to writing my next album.

I’m excited for the future.

But simultaneously terrified.  If my dreams don’t work out.

I’m on the brink of losing my house.

I need money.

I need a miracle!

I want to go busking again this year.

By the ball games.

I love doing that.

~ Kelly Alexandra Hoff

Wednesday, May 10, 2023b


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