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K.A.H. poetry - “My Man”

“My man”

“I wanna go to the blues saloon

I wanna play with my man.

Jam all night…

I can.

I can.

Rock & Roll,

good for the soul.

play ball

wanted to play ball.

but I’m all old now.

38 and growing.

oh so old.

I feel so old.

gonna wear my lashes

out on the town.

should I play on the street?…

visit the country men.

Thinking of so many country men…

Thinking of so many country men.

Don’t retire my hat, my hats, of course.

my old cowboy hats

That are actually my ex-boyfriend’s.

my wonderful man.

my stand-up man.

Would be a family man.

but he’s my jazz man.

oh how I miss him so.

when he’s at home or on the road.

and so far away.

     take me home!

he’s still mine.

for eternity.

Some day we’ll be together.

at the jazz club,

at home.

his or mine.

on the road.

round about town.

    Love my man.

    Love my man.

Love my man.

Gonna listen to Elvis

   & fantasize

about being a

   rock star.

about being yours.

anywhere.  at home

or on the road.

I’m yours forever.

Stand-up man.”

~ “My man” (“Rock & Roll”) by Kelly Alexandra Hoff.  written:  December 30, 2022; evening.


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