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lesbian pinup wishes

Pinup wishes to be famous

to bring home the bacon

Go to church on Sunday

have friends and a warm home

Mafia mobsters on the tv

Black leather pants in the window

         in my memory

gotta buy new socks

    get it up for Jesus

   get it up for Jesus

Warm home

  Like my warm home

Hope I can keep my warm home.  “

~ "lesbian pinup wishes, wishes for a home."

poet, Kelly Alexandra Hoff. 2023, feb. 4.


“Warming my hands after putting them in the snow

After filing up at the corner station

   Skipped that joint to hang out at

                                  God said no.

    Wound up with the russians

Still no direction home

No direction home

   or is there?

    or is there?

        Something’s out there

   out there in the snow

A way home

Someone’s out there

  out there in the snow

  it’s me,

  By that white house.     


  Wish I could find a way home.

  Or make this home.

  Or make this my home.”

~ "Looking for home."  poem by Kelly Alexandra Hoff.  2023, feb. 4.


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