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“I need a boyfriend.

Don’t you think I’m pretty baby?

I can rock your world.

In my black boots

  I’ll be walking

Down by the trees.

Hear me, see me,



Lip gloss phantom

Roaming around the trees,



I need a boyfriend.

Won’t you save me, baby.

I’m so lonely.

The pretty girls roam.

Around board and room.

What am I to do without you when

  I’m bored?..

Lipgloss fantasy girl

   in boots.

Leopard print queen

  with cigarettes.

Come visit me.

I need a boyfriend

Don’t you think I’m pretty, baby?

I can rock your world.

Lipgloss fantasy girl.”

“Lipgloss fantasy girl” (“I need a boyfriend”) by Kelly Alexandra Hoff.  Saturday, 2 December 2023.

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