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“The boys and the drinking

When I’m drinking

I still think of them

My frat girl days

Listening to country

Playing games

& having good times

Nostalgia is mine

My thing

Will they ever return again?

Spending time with


I’m so alone now

Drinking or not


Those days of summer

and deep winter

Mini skirts

And tube tops

Cowboy boots

Then at home on my own

Drinking to escape

Being alone

5 months sober now

Can I ever stay sober?

Can I ever stay sober?

Country days

Country boys

Good hometown boys

Can I ever stay sober?

Can I ever stay sober?

In my mini skirt

walking home

standing on the corner

My good ol’ country boys

Back at the frat



College days


“Nostalgia” by Kelly Alexandra Hoff.  Dec. 4th, 2023.

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