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Poem, “Skinny girl & cigarettes”

“Skinny girl & cigarettes”

“Now I get to take a walk

Smoke a cigarette

Four months in the hospital

Feel the air

The snow is coming

I’m just a dreamer


Where will I go next?

Beautiful sadness

I always was that skinny girl

Boyish and strong minded

Who will I befriend?

The coming year

Calling me

  for something

There’s life in homelessness

Temporary home

Relapsing on my anorexia

Chocolates and cigarettes

Colas & love

Heart on my sleeve

Remembering those boys

That I follow

  like home.

Lost little girl.

I’m just a dreamer


Stars in the sky

Remembering radio days

Pouring out my heart to you

Love in my heart

Fear in my eyes

Save me Jesus.

Where am I to go?

Who am I to trust?

Beautiful trust

When you find a beautiful love.

Chasing those boys back home

In my heart

In my heart.

Skinny girl and cigarettes.

Find a way home.

Find a way home.

Mom, let me come home.”

~ “Skinny girl and cigarettes”

By Kelly Alexandra Hoff, Wednesday, November 29, 2023.

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