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rough dayz..

Rough dayz..

One of my beloved guitars from high school, that I took out yesterday, but didn't play much, and my cane, got stolen from my car right in front of my house last night. I was tired and waited before going back to he car to get them.

Luckily my car is still there.

I am so broke..

Trying to make money online with my artistic work and on the street, but struggling to have enough food and put gas in my car & get by..

Could use a membership to the YWCA so I can exercise and swim.. I grew up swimming (for fun, not competitively..) and am so out of shape. I'm worried I really need to swim again.

I need a new AAA membership too. My membership lapsed because I couldn't afford it.

I am looking for housing as my mom wants me out of here at the end of march. I don't know where to go with my dog or where to put my stuff... any advice and help and safe housing option would be greatly appreciated. I really need money.

I got a new job and am set to start soon.

~ Kelly

aka Alix

February 24, 2023

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