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“sasha’s waiting” - poem by Kelly Alexandra Hoff

“sasha’s waiting.

dog’s a staying.

remembering - the aviary.

thinking she’d come walking -

  around the corner.

    my guardian.

was she there by that light?


sasha’s praying

dog’s a laying

skipped church again

the milk spilled on my foot.

took off my sock.

wait & rock.

sometimes I just wait & rock.

is someone gonna show up?

is someone gonna show up?..

skeleton man?

the banana hat man? -

  adopt a little girl?…

Omen’s land? -

  do they fear the little girl -

in fishes curls?

  in fishes curls? -

               Why not stay here? -

               Why not stay here? - “

~ Kelly, 01-19-23

(original poem by Kelly Alexandra Hoff, 2023)

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