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“Spire in the Sky”

"The spire in the sky

Over the bridge

The spire in the sky



Don’t know where my friend went

The other raped girl

  We used to notice that cross

  Not far from my place

My old place with my man


Raccoons in the trees.

Spire in the sky

  Calling me back to look


Finally wound up there again

  Saint Agnes

Fountain of sin?


I miss my friend.

  She went mia.

  No idea where.

Phone off.

  Maybe she’s fine.

Said she needed a break..

   Fire in the sky?

  Fire in the sky?

Watch the sun rise…

Went roaming..

   Around the church

Talk to the statues..


Singing on the sidewalk.

  Longing for safety

Maybe someone will help.

   Love me,

        Love me…

Want to return..

  Follow the bridge -

  To that church spire in the sky..

       Met a nice young man there.

    He was so kind.

  Sat on the grass with me.

I like my new church

    I hope to return.”

~ Kelly Alexandra Hoff, “Spire in the Sky”, 2023 February 4

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