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“the goth restaurant” (poem)

“They say there was a haunting

   At the goth restaurant

  That’s what I call it

The wine bottle flew across the room

Not when I was there

  A skinny man comes in with a hat

  I wait on him at lunch

  He must work nearby


Some old ladies like brunch

  A big table

They are nice too

  I don’t make much money sometimes

But it’s a nice place

  I’m glad they hired me

   Billy’s ridiculous

  But I’m not scared of him

  Abby is.

  Abby thinks I don’t know how to lift the tray

  It’s heavy

  I do think it’s hard to carry the tray..

  Playing bartender is ok.

  My boyfriend comes into visit me.

   I like that he visits me.

  This is a pretty good job.

   My girl manager is nice.

  She likes E! and so do I.

  She and Billy argue over what music to put on.

  The goth restaurant.

                       Austin, Texas.  Population: ??  Hipppie.

Tacos!  Oh, happy day!

~ “the goth restaurant,”

    by Kelly Alexandra Hoff, February 13, 2023.  11:28am.  panhandling/busking.  St. Paul, Minnesota.

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