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“The Romantic”

“Maybe I’m just a romantic

Want a boyfriend

The girls are so hot

  but oh how I love him.

  oh how I love him.

Maybe there’s some rainbow out there

Leading me home.

"But stay here my girlie

Keep your feet on the ground.

  You want your life.

  You want your life.

Remember it’s right here.

Chasing that boy, you will not be no one.

To him, to me, to anyone.

But remember you are always someone.

Even alone.”

My daddy

How I miss my daddy so…

Maybe I’m just a romantic

Chasing a love that can’t be had.

Want a boyfriend.

But the girls are so hot


Oh, how I love him

Oh, how I love him.”

“The Romantic”


By Kelly Alexandra Hoff.


November 28, 2023.

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