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Who wants to read my autobiography?..

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

If I write one, who wants to read my autobiography?..

I started writing it.

Here is chapter 1.


I decided to start writing my autobiography.  Smoked a cigarette on the front steps.  Stew dropped me off after a trip to the convenience store & gas station to get food.  Too weak to walk to the store.  Low on sugar, did not know what to do, so I called Stew.

I met him locally.  He lives up the street and around the corner and works at the gas station.  He’s an older, lighter-skinned black guy, kind of skinny, who wears a hat.  He gave me a ride once before to my fancy Jewish food store in the rich part of town.  He’s very nice.

I have a new EDA (eating disorders anonymous sponsor.). A cute, younger Hispanic girl from the east coast from one of my online meetings.  A bulemic with recent ex-boyfriend problems.  Very compassionate.

Maybe I needed a new Brittany…. my closest college friend, dance major.  I’m just kidding, of course it’s not the same..  Brittany saved me when I was close to alcohol poising, or something like that (high blood alcohol level,) back toward the end of college.  Took me to the ER and then I would up in the psych ward and inpatient rehab.

Brittany was one of my closest confidants/girlfriends.  Nora as well.  Both in the same sorority.  Ironically not my sorority..  I was in a different sorority.  Nora more my party whore friend.  We’d hit up the frats all the time and get wasted and then commiserate about what happened the night before over Panera.  Brittany always had a boyfriend, but would hang out.  And I’d tell her who I’d hooked up with the night before in dance class the next day.  Alwaaaaysss hungover….  Ok, not always,..  but a lot…. Brittany was always nice to me anyway.  A nice Catholic girl..  so nice to little ol’ whore me.  Always wanting a bf (boyfriend) and never having one, but always getting wasted and winding up with whoever.  Nora had a bf (boyfriend) sometimes..).

Nora and I are both Swedish and she’s Russian.  We worked at Swedish Immersion camp together in northern Minnesota.  Brittany’s Hispanic, her mother’s Mexican & her father’s German & Spanish.  Me and some other girls went with her & her family to Mexico in college.  Her family has a time share.  One time some guy gave me some tablet that he said was tylenol.  It was not tylenol.  I got all groggy and almost passed out.  The girls wanted to still go out anyway even though I felt like hell.  All fucked up.  A nice Norwegian man talked to me.  He spoke in Norwegian.  I spoke in Swedish.  It was nice having a friend to talk to while my friends partied.


I’m all alone in Minnesota with my dog..

I know tons of people..  but feel really alone.  Am very poor.  And feel so weak and worn out by the age of 39 I can’t work.  It sucks.

I’m trying to earn money on the internet with music, dance, poetry, blogging.  Being a YouTuber and keeping up my website.  I’m hoping I can get enough followers soon so that I can monetise and earn a lot of money that way..  I hope to become famous.  I hope to feel better soon.

I’m Kelly Alexandra Hoff.  "Alix."

(end chapter 1)

Thanks for reading.

-Kelly Alexandra🤍💜

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