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Dear diary,

Dear diary,

          I think I have Asperger’s.  I’m listening to Kyuss.  It’s a super cool band.  I told my best friend Erik about it and sent him a song.   I got more Diet Coke at the store.  **** wasn’t there.  I didn’t expect him to be.  He works in the morning, I think.  The last time I was over there when he was working, he went up to me when I was in my car and “attacked” me.  Don’t know what he wanted.  I got scared and drove away.

        I have cookies.  Lots of cookies.  When will I have energy to do more stuff?  Being poor sux.  Thuper sux.  😜

                         - Kelly

                               November 05, 2022

Dear PJ harvey,

     check my blog.

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