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So, this is a comment I posted in response to a thread on a PJ Harvey fan page online. The comment was important enough to me, that I thought I'd post it here.


Okay, so..  I am going to put this in my blog, so I remember.  Apparently this post made me emotional.

I definitely have questions about her output from time to time.  I think there are many ways for a person to evolve, and in some ways I feel I am waiting on her.  (This is kind of a personal issue though.) But I do like the variety of work she has put out throughout her career.  I like the loud stuff, and the lighter stuff.  I do like the lyrics she has written from her early work through to her more recent work.  I feel like Orlam was kind of brave and I do like it.  But at times she scares me, and I don’t know what to think.  I guess I am just waiting for her.

I like the variety of instruments she has played with.   And I don’t mind that her voice has changed from the lower register blues and aggressive stuff.  I think it all sounds good.  I think White Chalk is beautiful and is one of my favorite albums.  I really, really love some of that old fun demos sounding b-side stuff though.  I will always love those.  It will be fun when I can afford the box set and listen to it.

I am excited if I ever to get to really find out what Hope Six Demolition Project was really about.  There’s something about it that is a little bit absent to me.  Like something is missing, and lacked communicating something maybe that was there and didn’t get through.  At least not totally to me..

But I also have not seen a dog called money.  I think it was not available in the states as far as I understand?..

I am eager to hear the new album and hope I will not be disappointed.  I do hope I get to meet her one day.  She has been such a big influence to me and my songwriting.

Thanks for reading my long, sappy post.

~ Kelly aka Alix

~ Kelly Alexandra Hoff, 11-7-2022

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