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new poem: bars & guitars

“I was gonna hang out with that pajamas man

and then I didn’t

thinking about heading over to that bar

Ask to play some music for them for some


maybe grab a beer, tacos, ask -

for a job

wonder if I’ll find that cool pajamas man

think I’ll busk outside the Ace Hardware and

convenience store, Ragin Cagin

see if the other poor people will tip me since -

can’t get over to the game

over to the rich part of town

think I’ll wonder around

throw my heart around with my guitar

don’t throw my heart around, being a whore

see what I can make

see what’s in store

make some money

Since it’s not like going to the candy store

with that Jewish man I dated

gotta be good

gotta be a good girl

like my dog

don’t be a whore.

Gonna take myself to the candy store

on my own terms

talk to my friend in another way

don’t be a whore.




~ Kelly Alexandra Hoff, “bars and guitars,”

Sunday, July 24, 2022; 10:49am

Ragin Cagin - Ragin’ Cajun

classical guitar & bandana & tree, © Kelly Alexandra Hoff, 2022

red backpack & coin jar in my backyard, © Kelly Alexandra Hoff, 2022

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