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new youtube channel & newer songs

Hello to everyone who follows me and watches my videos. I am getting out of the house walking, biking a little, and enjoying nature. Saturday afternoon I got out to the park and recorded a live video of a song I wrote back in November called, "I want to travel there with you." It was nice to get outside and play. I have been busy cleaning my house, and trying to get enough rest so I have energy to do things. I am 38 years old and feel ancient. I am happy to release the song.

I am working to get gigs booked here in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, & hope to do more performing this year.

I added a new YouTube channel, listed with my full name, Kelly Alexandra Hoff. You can check it out here and subscribe if you would like. My new video for "I want to travel there with you," is on there. I am looking forward to making new music videos this summer as well as live videos.

Kelly Alexandra Hoff

I am also adding new videos to my old YouTube channel, ak935d. Including a song I recently wrote called, "I glow."

Thanks for listening and watching. Your support means the world to me. I love playing and writing and singing (and dancing) (I love dancing the most 💜) and it means a lot to be heard. (and seen.)

with gratitude,

Kelly Alexandra Hoff

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